Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The demise of DVDs and Blu-ray is near

Here is an interesting progression of articles following Blockbuster's purchase and use of online movie delivery direct to our TVs. DVDs and Blu-ray movies will soon be obsolete. Blockbuster might also be positioning itself to gain some ground as it has trailed rival Netflix almost since Netflix' inception.

Article 1: Blockbuster purchases Movielink. Notice Blockbuster's use of strategic allies much like how JVC used them to beat out Sony with the VHS format.

Article 2: Blockbuster introduces a beta version on Movielink.

Article 3: Blockbusters puts Movielink to use with it's set-top box. Compares product to Netflix box.

Here is the link to Blockbuster's download site:

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  1. I can't believe I forgot about LaserDisc! One of my best childhood friend's fathers was a tech fanatic and thought LaserDisc would be the next biggest hit in home movies, so we would always have viewings at their house. Until LaserDisc failed. Even regular feature-length movies needed to be formatted onto 2 discs and the movie master would have to switch discs halfway through the movie. However, we can thank them for the idea to switch from bulky VHS formats to thin discs.

    Read about it on the only site that really gives any details: Wikipedia!