Monday, September 28, 2009

Electric 18-wheelers and the road to Diffusion

On September 25th, the New York Times covered an article about the commitment of FPL, a major utilties group, to roll out electric Vehicles to it's fleet(click blog title to view article).

According to the article, FPL plans to phase out it's old gas service vehicles, and make all new vehicle purchases of the the electric plug-in variety by 2020. The companys says this commitment will generate $600 million in revenue, and will offset 125,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas.

I find this interesting because the decision is indicative of the growing recognition of the need to find new ways of energy creation and use. The big utility companies, being the good K-strategists that they are, have historically resisted activity that would encourage serious upheaval in their industries. This has been detrmental to the success of and commitment to these kinds of innovations, and has affected public policy towards sustainable energy initiatives.

My thoughts and questions are the following:
What kind of effect do you think this will have on future policy towards sustainable energy initiatives?
Do you think other big players will start to seriously pursue "green" initiatives?
How do you think this will affect the diffusion process among competitors, and ultimately it's diffusion into use by the public?

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