Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interactive Banner Ads on Television

Did you ever imagine you would be able to order a product on television without dialing a 1-800 number? Cablevision, a telecommunication and entertainment company serving NJ, NY, and CT, has just announced that their customers will soon be able to order products and coupons with the click of their TV remote. Interactive banner ads will scroll along the bottom of selected commercials, which will allow you to click on the ad to get more information or place an order. When the product rolls out in October their viewers will only be allowed to order product samples, brochures, and coupons. The purchasing will be available in 2010. An article mentioned that other TV operators such as Comcast and Time Warner are testing or rolling out similar products, but they are not as advance in their efforts.

Since the introduction of DVR and TiVo the TV industry has been scrambling to develop an idea that will bring back the power of commercials. I find the introduction of DVR very interesting because cable companies introduced a disruptive technology, with respect to commercials, to their own industry. Right now the TV industry is in an era of ferment, as everyone is looking for the fix. However do you think this is going to be the solution? I believe it is merely a stepping stone, because if you are not watching the commercials then you are not going to order anything. Below are links to a couple of articles about the topic.

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